This is your last job search. Ever.

Have you been applying to jobs over the last couple of months and have had no reply from recruiters?

If you said YES to this then know that like many others I’ve been there too and it’s not a great feeling when you spend a lot of energy and precious time trying to fill in information so many times for recruiters to notice your CV for a quick 3 seconds.

We spend so much time from researching the company, tailoring the perfect resume for every job that is is of interest and a cover letter to go with it but does it really work?

In most cases whenever you apply for jobs your CV is almost hijacked by what is known as the industry type the ATS system which stands for applicants tracking system.

Quite simply this is the barrier between you applying for a job and your CV ever getting past the hiring managers.

This is the same system that is used by a recruiters to sniff out CVs and Sniff cover letters for certain keywords that are likely to get you a job. This becomes even interesting when the statistics point out that for every person that applies for jobs out of 10 applications you’re more likely to ever get one application sent to the recruiter which

In the grand scheme of things means that you wasted almost all the effort during your job search now what if that effort was spent on doing other activities activities, such as things that you actually enjoy with your friends and family, or perhaps it’s reading a book, perhaps it’s becoming smarter or more knowledgeable about your particular domain or your industry

This was one of the reasons why we created AI job search assistant that easily helps you apply to thousands of jobs on popular job sites by filling in information just once and applying to hundreds of jobs on your behalf, simplifying the entire job hunt process.

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